Who am I?

I’m Nathan Sherritt, a Canadian graduated graphic designer who’s looking to bring my creative style to all my work and opportunities.

I have been a student in the Durham College Graphic Design program for the past few years, and have completed my internship with Backslash Studio. Now that I have graduated, I am available and looking for work!

I have many years worth of experience in both work and in design. I have worked in many jobs over the years and built up my planning, problem solving, and interpersonal skills. And I have developed my skills through my schooling and other opportunities, such as being awarded the Best Photography Award at the Station Gallery.

I am open to any kind of work to further develop my skills and learn more, and I am looking to reach out and make new business and personal connections that will last throughout my career.

Programs I am skilled with

Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Photoshop Logo
Adobe Illustrator Logo
Adobe InDesign Logo


I’m available for project based
and long-term work.

I am looking for any full-time or part-time work. I am open to all kinds of work and projects, and have a variety of applicable skills I can utilize. I am based in the GTA, and am fully prepared for any in person or remote work as necessary.

If you are interested and want to work, feel free to reach out and email or call me!

Nathan Sherritt Graduation