Editorial Layout & Design

EPION Strategic Plan
EPION Cover and Back

Scope of Project

Design a strategic plan one pager

Translate English text to French

Adjust layouts and spreads to accommodate French

Include all information in a clean and digestible manner

EPION French Spread
EPION French Spread

Project Summary

For this project, I had to pay extra care to the text and formatting as it needed to be done in French, which meant paying attention to their grammar and spelling. But it was a great learning experience because of that, as I had first hand practice with formatting and how to account for the extra characters within the limited space of the spreads, while trying to stay as faithful to the English spreads as possible.

For the one pager, I had to take the information provided to me, and make it simple and easy to read as it was to be their strategic plan summary. And after some iterations came up with something that was clear and to the point, while being aesthetically pleasing and true to the brand and their design guidelines.

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