Lotus Paint

Identity & materials

Lotus Paint Logo
Lotus Paint Swatch Book

Scope of Project

Design a higher end residential house paint identity and other materials for the brand

Research the field to come up with an interesting company name and design

Must include: a logo, swatch/paint chip, paint can design, and samples theme catalogue

Use real world references for can and catalogue information

Lotus Paint Cans
Lotus Paints Booklet

Project Summary

For these pieces, I wanted to make a refined and clean brand, one that utilizes a simplistic but strong identity as to not get too cluttered. The idea quickly came together as lotus flowers are often held in high regard for their meanings and beauty, and red lotuses in particular signify dignity and achievement. And I designed the rest of the materials with these themes in mind.

From there I knew that for my paint swatches I wanted them to resemble lotus petals to give them a distinct design, as well as to tie them into the brand. And so the paint swatch book would fan out into a lotus flower when opened, both to display the colours and to resemble the flower and the logo.

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