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NorthBEATxEPION Instagram Posts Render
NorthBEATxEPION Social Media Posts

Scope of Project

Design daily social media posts

Adjust each daily post for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Pay close attention to each platforms guidelines and format

Be creative and respectful in the approach to the concept

NorthBEATxEPION Social Media Posts Render
NorthBEATxEPION Social Media Posts Render

Project Summary

This was an interesting project for me to work on as it pushed me to think outside of the box to come up with as many creative and different designs as I could for about 90 posts. And from those posts, they then needed to be adjusted to fit the different social media platforms.

It taught me a lot about the different ways to alter the messages. From the size of the posts based on the platform where it was being posted, to the content the posts could use depending on the platforms, as well as the differences between the different platforms and how they display content.

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