Odyssey Optical

stationary set

Odyssey Optical Stationary Renders
Odyssey Optical Stationary

Scope of Project

Create an identity and stationary package for a fictional brand

Chose to design for a trendy optical store

Stationery package needs to include: logo/identity, letterhead, business card, and No. 10 envelope

Include two additional pieces of design that are something the consumer could receive and find useful that promotes the company

Odyssey Optical Envelopes and Business Cards
Odyssey Optical Lens Wipes and Lens Cleaning Spray

Project Summary

For this project, we were tasked to design an identity for a fictional brand we had to create. I decided to create a high class optical store by combining older Greek patterns with a modern style to create a unique and distinct look.

I was inspired by Greek mythologies as many modern brands are, namely The Odyssey. I also took inspiration from high class brands such as Louis Vuitton, and combined the ideas with rich, mature colours to stand out and create something entirely new.

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